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April 19, 2021

Margo White is the No. 1 Expert In Copywriting For Entrepreneurs, and the CEO of Financial Intelligent. 4 years ago, she changed her business direction and went into Copywriting. But not JUST copywriting... There are a lot of great copywriters out there, but no one teaches entrepreneurs how to do their "homework" - develop a strategy, Customer Avatar, narrow down the niche, create a unique approach in communication with their prospects and clients. Her portfolio includes companies like, Microsoft, 4Over4, AppSmart, Adobe, Heads Up Adviser, and others. Her core belief is that no matter how well designed your funnel is, without a great copy it's nothing but annoying. You don't have to spend time writing copy all by yourself, but you need to communicate effectively with anyone you hire to do this job for you. Margo joins the show to discuss what role a leader plays in creating a copy, how to communicate your ideas with copywriters, and "narrow down the niche" to get more customers and $$$ for your business. 

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