The One Broken Cog Podcast

Onwards and Upwards

May 11, 2021

Our most popular guest to date is without a doubt, the incomparable Sloane. So it's only fitting that we have her back as a special guest to celebrate our 100th episode. Sloane is a former business attorney turned master business & lifestyle consultant. She successfully scaled her boutique law firm in Santa Monica to over 400 clients, all while traveling the world. Having been behind the scenes of hundreds of businesses - she’s had a unique vantage point to catch blind spots in operations, profitability, and her client's mindset around it all. After coaching hundreds of clients to help them through their toughest business challenges - Sloane sold her near 7 figure firm to pursue her true calling. Now as a visionary business and lifestyle consultant, Sloane educates and inspires ambitious women from around the globe, who are ready to expand beyond conventional possibilities to live and play full out. Sloane joins the show to discuss what pleasure in business is, and how to achieve it. She also discusses her 5 core beliefs, why your darkness is your path to wholeness, and why people are worthy of unconditional acceptance. 

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