The One Broken Cog Podcast

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

April 12, 2021

Dennis Morrison has worked in the Film & TV industry for over 30 years, and has created branded content for top brands, including Diesel, L'Oréal and Red Bull. He’s consulted on numerous video projects for small and large companies, helping them develop their video strategy and build their audience. He also teaches filmmaking and storytelling at international film schools, and does workshops for businesses and professionals who want to communicate authentically and effectively. He’s created a Storytelling based Marketing Platform to help coaches, course creators and small business owners take full control of the marketing and sales in their business. Using the power of storytelling they’re able to confidently attract their ideal audience who want to buy what they offer. Dennis joins the show to discuss his "My Story" Framework - A simple and effective framework that helps you craft and tell your story. The purpose of this framework is to show “Who you are”, aligning your story with what you do and why you do it, as people buy into people, not things. He also discusses The Audience Magnet 7 Step Framework - The one framework that helps you define your path, get clarity on your offer and creates a platform for you to consistently tell stories to attract and engage your ideal audience, so they become your perfect clients and customers.

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