The One Broken Cog Podcast

Challenge the Status Quo

April 19, 2021

Jeff Morrill co-founded Planet Subaru, “your undealership,” in 1998, and built it into one of the most successful privately-held car dealerships in the United States. He later started other businesses in automotive retail, real estate, telecommunications, and insurance that generate over $100,000,000 in annual revenue. His achievements in building profitable and ethical companies have been featured in a variety of national media including USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Automotive News, The Boston Globe, and others. Jeff is the author of Profit Wise: How to Make More Money in Business by Doing the Right Thing. He is donating all his royalties to charity. Jeff joins the show to detail how he drastically changed the way business was done in the automotive industry by establishing Planet Subaru. He also discusses the reason he has the most female techs than any other dealership in the country, his take on goal setting & metrics, how businesses can improve their recruiting ads to attract better applicants, and how he corrected the most common mistakes dealerships make. 

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